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Rose Gold SS Flat Wall Strip Profile 8 feet | 25mm

Rose Gold SS Flat Wall Strip Profile 8 feet | 25mm

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Length 8 feet
Breadth 25mm
Colour Rose Gold
Material Stainless Steel


Introducing our premium SS Flat Patti - the perfect solution for enhancing your walls with a touch of elegance and sophistication. Whether you're looking to create a stunning wall patti design, add a sleek wall strip, or simply enhance the overall aesthetic of your space, our SS Patti is the ultimate choice.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our flat patti boasts exceptional quality and durability. Made from high-grade stainless steel, it guarantees long-lasting performance and resistance to corrosion, ensuring that your walls will maintain their exquisite appearance for years to come.

With its sleek and minimalist design, our SS Patti seamlessly blends into any interior decor, adding a subtle yet distinctive touch to your walls. Its flat profile provides a clean and contemporary look, allowing you to achieve a seamless finish that complements various architectural styles.

Not only does our flat patti serve as a stylish accent to your walls, but it also offers practical benefits. Its versatile nature makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from residential spaces to commercial establishments. You can use it as a decorative element, a functional trim, or even as a protective border for your walls.

The installation process is hassle-free, thanks to the user-friendly design of our SS Flat Patti. With its precise dimensions and easy-to-use installation mechanism, you can effortlessly achieve a professional-looking result without the need for extensive expertise or specialized tools.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal and ease of installation, our SS Flat Patti is low maintenance, saving you valuable time and effort. Its stainless steel construction ensures that it remains resistant to stains, fingerprints, and other marks, allowing you to effortlessly maintain its pristine appearance with minimal cleaning.

Invest in our SS Flat Patti today and transform your walls into stunning works of art. Whether you're a design enthusiast, a homeowner looking to revitalize your space, or an interior decorator seeking a versatile accent piece, our wall patti design is the perfect choice for you. Explore the endless possibilities of our flat patti and elevate your walls with style and sophistication.

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